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ID Scanning for Events

Looking to rent ID scanners for an event?

We make powerful ID scanners available concerts, conventions, rodeo’s, raves, and any other event you can imagine. Rent from 1 day to 4 weeks.

Why use ID scanning at my event?


  • Keep catch fake IDs and ID passing to prevent minors from entering your adult only venue.
  • Spot Troublemakers. There are over 20,000 patrons who have been banned from nightclubs for fighting, drugs, sexual assault, stealing, and using fake IDs. When they have their ID scanned at your event you will be notified that they are banned and why, so you can decide whether to admit them into your venue.
  • Help police fight crime. If a crime occurs at your venue, the police can use the scan history to aid in their investigation. The police can request access to the scan history once a crime has been reported and an official investigation has been launched. They can quickly identify and locate potential suspects, victims, and witnesses.
  • Ban patrons. If you want to prevent troublesome patrons from entering your future events, then ban them in our system. If they try to enter another event, you will be notified that they are banned, so you can decide whether to allow or deny entry.


  • Develop a database of customers who attend your events.
  • Send your target customers SMS marketing messages to attract them to your next events.
  • Track your marketing effectiveness by comparing your marketing list with your customer list.
  • Get notifications every 30 minutes straight to your cell phone, updating you on the number of patrons at your event, including the gender distribution.
  • Get stunning reports about your patrons. Learn the age distribution, average age, distance travelled, number of repeat visits, and much more valuable and insightful information about your patrons.
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