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How to deal with the police in 3 easy steps:


Place the ID on the scanner and press SCAN ID.


When an incident occurs that requires the police to be called, create an incident report on the ID Scanner. Select the patron that was involved from the list of patrons scanned in today, and describe what happened.


When the police arrive, you can provide them with an image of the individual, the name, and a witness report without interrupting your business. The patron will be placed on the banned list, so other venues will be notified of the incident if he attempts to enter.


Should an investigation be launched…

Police often begin an investigation several days after an incident, such as when a sexual assault victim comes forward to make a complaint. The police will begin looking for evidence, and try to identify and locate the suspect, and potential witnesses. This can mean a lot of work for a venue manager.

When a formal investigation has been launched, the police can request to save and view the scan history for a specific period of time, in order to speed up the investigation and get accurate information about who was in the venue, and at what time they entered. This can spare the venue from being required to participate in the investigation, and help the police to quickly identify, locate, and deal with suspects.