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How to improve venue performance in 3 easy steps:


Place the ID on the scanner and press SCAN ID.


When a patron leaves, press the Decrement button .


You will receive a daily report detailing the length of the average guest stay. This is one of the most important performance metrics for any venue. When a patron leaves your venue, you must replace them, and this is very costly. Increasing your average guest stay can lower your marketing costs dramatically, and increase your profitability.


The Money Ball Effect

There are many measures for performance. It turns out, that one of the measures that management has the most control over, is the length of the average guest stay. Encourage guests to stay longer by taking music requests, offering drink specials, issuing VIP status, and other incentives to prevent them from leaving and moving on to the next establishment.

The good news, is that this is also one of the most effective measures to increase profitability. The cost of retaining a patron already in your venue is quite low, while attracting new patrons to replace them is quite high. This helps you increase your revenue while cutting your costs, increasing your profitability. It is difficult to measure this accurately, unless you have ID Scanning software at your door.