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How to spot troublemakers in 3 seconds:


Place the ID on the scanner and press SCAN ID.


The ID Scanner compares the ID against a list of banned patrons. Patrons are banned for many reasons, such as: fighting, sexual assault, dealing drugs, excessive intoxication, threats, stealing, violence, and gang membership.


If the patron is on the banned list, you are notified and given the reason why. You choose to admit or deny entry into your venue.


Should an incident occur…

When a patron needs to be removed from your venue because of bad behavior, you have the ability to log an incident into the ID Scanner. This will create a ban for this patron. You set the length of his ban, and explain the reason why he was banned.

If this patron attempts to enter another venue using a PatronScan ID Scanner, then the staff will be notified of the ban and the reason why, so they can make an informed decision whether to admit or deny entry.

At any point in time, there are 20,000 patrons on the banned list. Below is a sample of 50 patrons currently on the banned list.

Fake IDVery Seriousgave his little brother ID
Fake IDSeriousid passing
AssaultVery SeriousPatron Attacked a male patron in the club. She then proceeded to fight doormen kicking and biting. Was arrested by RCMP
AssaultExtremely Seriousassaulted patron in the parking lot and used pepper spray along with a friend. honor ban.
FightVery SeriousStarted a fight with a non-patron outside the bar and chased him down the street knocking him down to the ground twice. After the fight was broken up hung around antagonizing the victim and wouldn’t leave.
TheftExtremely SeriousWalked Out on tab and had to get police to force him to pay bill. Guest was aggressive and unable to deal with
Public IntoxicationVery SeriousPatron was escorted out of the establishment for showing signs of aggression. He then attempted multiple times to regain entry into the establishment through various doors.
TheftWarningTried to steal beer from beer tub
DisturbanceVery SeriousPatron stormed into bottle service broke 2 bottles and threw table full of drinks. Threatened Patrons and security. Damage $300. FULL BAN
Drug PossessionSerioushiding in washroom doing drugs after closing time. Caught by door staff.
AssaultVery SeriousThrew a piece of metal at a dooman’s face.
FightSeriousMale was involved in a fight with another patron in the middle of the street. Security intervened and the Male continued to try and fight staff.
AssaultSeriousMale was denied entry for being overly intoxicated and drinking in line. He then tried to sneak in. When he was told to get out of the line he swung and hit the AGM.
DisturbanceExtremely SeriousClimbing on stage at the end of the night and resisting efforts to take him out of the club then kept trying to get back in.
DisturbanceVery SeriousCustomer was taking video of the dancer and ran out the door. While in the parking lot caused a disturbance with other patrons. Pushing shoving ensued customer ran away with video.
DisturbanceSeriousthreats to staff and friends caught using fake id
AssaultSeriousCaused a fight in the bar by assaulting another patron. Was involved in a fight later outside the bar. Subsequently arrested by the RCMP
FightVery SeriousPatron involved himself in an incident door staff were dealing with and struck security staff in the process.
Sexual AssaultSeriousPatron was groping women multiple times.
DisturbanceSeriousattempted to solicit entertainers
DisturbanceWarningPatron was trying to fight everybody in the bar When asked to leave he continued to insult security and utter death threats. Please honor this ban.
TheftVery SeriousDine and dash on a 200 bar tab. Owes 200$
AssaultVery SeriousMouthing off patrons inside then walked out the front door and randomly sucker punched a costumer who was smoking. continued to be aggressive with door staff and mouthing off the general manager.
DisturbanceSeriousPatron caught trying to sneak another guest into establishment. He then attempted multiple times to regain entry after being asked to leave.
Fake IDSeriousthis guy passed his I.D. to his under aged brother for the the younger brother to try and get in. and was rude to front door staff once he was caught. please do NOT let in!
AssaultVery SeriousPatron was extremely intoxicated and threw a hotdog at doormen. Patron was asked to leave several times before he became agressive and took a swing at another staff member. Patron then became physical and was escorted off property. PLEASE HONOR FULL LENGTH OF BAN
Fake IDSeriousID in question was willingly and intentionally given to a minor to allow him entry. Please honour ban.
Drug TraffickingVery Seriouscaught selling cocaine
DisturbanceSeriousPatron slammed glassware on the floor. As he was asked to leave he became belligerent and continuted to harass and threaten doorstaff as he was ejected from the bar.
DisturbanceSeriouspatron was denied entry due to over intoxication…at which point became extremely hostile and verbally abusive towards staff. a potential future issue as she has been a nuisance before
Fake IDWarningPassing his ID to friends
DisturbanceSeriousselling tickets to another bars show inside the bar
Public IntoxicationSeriouspatron pandering for money from other patrons. ran into several patrons and general disturbance to patrons.
DisturbanceSeriousPatron caught consuming outside alcohol inside the establishment.
Gang ViolenceVery Seriousthreat of gang violence. was intoxicated and asked to leave immediatley starting threatening to be in the HA. Refused to pay bill and was ejected from the bar .
TheftSeriousStole a beer tap when the bartender wasn’t looking. Only gave it back when threatened with police intervention.
Fake IDSeriouskeeps using other peoples id’s
Public IntoxicationSeriousPatrons left establishment intoxicated and drove a vehicle off property.
Drug PossessionVery Seriousindividual was caught with cocaine
FightExtremely Serioustried to attack off duty police officer. punched manager in neck. kicked door slamming it on a girl.trying to fight patrons outside got chased off. suspicion of drugs. banned for life.
Sexual AssaultExtremely Serioussolicting prostitution
Fake IDVery SeriousCustomer tried to enter using a fake ID.
Fake IDExtremely Seriousgave brother ID
TheftExtremely SeriousPatron stole another patrons identification. When confronted about the theft patron did not produce the stolen ID and refused to give it back. PLEASE HONOR FULL BAN.
DisturbanceSeriouspatron brought a flask into the bar and was asked to leave…tried multiple times to re-enter was caught back in bar later sneaking in the side door. Honor ban as this is his 2nd bar ban.
TheftVery SeriousTwo male patrons stole the contents of a tip jar.
DisturbanceExtremely SeriousPoured beer all over DJ equipment after being asked not to bump into the DJ’s table. Arrested by VicPD.
Fake IDVery Seriouspassing id’s