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How to create performance reports in 3 steps


Place the ID on the scanner and press SCAN ID.


When a patron leaves, press the Decrement button .


Reports detailing the demographics of your clientele, where they come from, average guest stay, capacity rating, gender balance, banned patrons, and an analysis of new vs returning patrons will be delivered to your email every day, week, and month.


Industry Reporting

For sophisticated venue managers who would like to compare their performance to that of the city they are in, industry reports are available. These reports aggregate the data of all venues in the city using PatronScan ID Scanning, and compare the aggregate data against that of your venue. Find out how you rank, and take action to improve your performance.

Real-time updates sent to your phone

Text Message updates can be sent to your phone every 30 minutes, updating you on your capacity, the number of clients in your venue, how many males to females, etc. You can be notified every time an inspector or police officer arrives at the front door. You can also be notified when a VIP has been scanned in.

Download a sample copy of a daily report by clicking on the report below.