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ID Checker for Bars

There are many ID checkers for bars on the market, and it is important for you to get the best one for your club. PatronScan is an ID checker for bars and nightclubs. Our ID checker will help you spot fake IDs and identify trouble makers before they enter you club.

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What is a fake ID checker?

An ID checker is a device that will scan IDs at the front of your bar to help your staff determine if the ID is a fake, and whether the patron is of age. A good ID checker will run fast, be very accurate, and provide valuable information that your staff needs to improve the security of your bar. It is important to understand that using an ID checker to catch fake IDs can improve your ability to spot fake IDs, but that is not the only thing that a good ID checker will do.

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What does an ID checker do?

PatronScan, North America’s leading ID checker, will do several things every time an ID is scanned. Every ID scanned will be carefully analyzed by the ID checker to determine its authenticity. IDs that fail authentication will cause the ID checker to alert the operator that the ID is a possible fake, and that the operator should consider denying entry to the patron.

Our ID scanner will also ensure that the ID is not expired, and that the patron is of legal age to enter the venue. PatronScan will also compare the patrons identity against the Banned Patrons List, checking to see if this patron is currently banned in our ID checking system. If the patron is currently banned, then the operator of the ID checker will be alerted, and the reason why the patron was banned is provided, so that your staff can decide whether to allow or deny entry to the club.

Our ID checker will also collect valuable information about your patrons, such as their ages, genders, where they came from, and when they entered your club, and produce a powerful report for you to review every day.

Are ID checkers legal?

Yes. ID checkers are completely legal, so long as they follow privacy requirements. Unfortunately, there are some illegal ID checkers out there, but PatronScan is one of the few ID checkers that meet every privacy legislation in existence. In fact, PatronScan has been selected by governments around the world as the preferred ID checker for bars and nightclubs because of their strict adherence to high standards of privacy.

In order for an ID checker to be considered legal, the data that the scanner collects must not be stored permanently on the ID checker itself. This makes the information vulnerable to theft or abuse. The ID checking company must also comply with privacy legislation and make access to information requests available, as well as support a ban removal policy to ensure patrons and venues are treated fairly.

Who uses an ID checker?

Right now, hundreds of nightclubs, bars, and pubs, from around the world use PatronScan to improve their security. Police officers use PatronScan to provide valuable evidence when a crime occurs at a nightclub, and public safety officers use it to ensure underage people do not enter licensed venues. ID checkers are used in some of the largest nightclubs in Las Vegas, and by high end bars in New York.

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