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The best time to start ID scanning was 6 months ago.
The second best time is now. Click here to see why

Spot Fake IDs

Spot fake IDs with the PatronScan fake ID scanner and keep minors out of your venue.

Your best defense against fake and novelty IDs is to provide vigilant staff with sophisticated ID Scanning technology.

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Keep Troublemakers Out

Spotting troublemakers before they cause trouble is hard. The PatronScan ID Scanner can alert you when someone entering your establishment has been flagged by another establishment.

You will be told exactly why they have been flagged, and choose to either accept or deny them into your venue.

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Avoid Trouble with the Police

Fights, sexual assault, drugs, and gang members can attract the police to your venue for the wrong reasons.

Police departments across North America endorse PatronScan ID scanning technology as a clear method to prevent trouble and keep your venue safe.

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Bar and Club Stats

PatronScan ID Scanners provide you with up-to-the-minute bar and club stats. These are sent directly to your cellphone every 30 minutes.

Leading-edge ID scanning also provides you with powerful reports daily, weekly and monthly, allowing you analyze your bar and club stats to increase your profitability and manage your establishment successfully.

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Improve Venue Performance

Did you know that the most effective measure for a venue’s profitability is the length of the average guest stay?

The longer patrons stay at your establishment, the more money they spend, and the fewer patrons you need to attract to replace them.

The PatronScan ID scanning software shows your bar and club stats every day, so improvements are quick and easy to make.

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Fill Your Club Faster

Our lightning fast ID Scanner can check the age, check for fake ID, and spot troublemakers in less than three seconds.

Getting people from the line-up into your venue has never been this fast.

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Run at 100% All Night Long

Having people waiting outside your venue while you are less than 100% capacity is costing you profit.

Use ID scanning technology to run at exactly 100% all night long.

Maximize your revenue and increase your profitability using the most sophisticated ID scanning software on the market.

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Sophisticated Venues use Sophisticated Technology

Using the most sophisticated ID scanning software at your establishment makes a statement to your patrons that you run a sophisticated venue.

ID Scanning is one of the first experiences your patrons have when they enter your establishment. PatronScan delivers the highest quality experience to both your patrons and your staff.

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