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Jesse James

Alberta Safer Bars Council

Member of Alberta Safer Bars Council, and owner of Union Hall Nightclub

“Servall has been a great asset to our business. It has certainly mitigated security and liability risks with our ClubSecurity tool, thereby reflecting a direct savings in money by having fewer potential insurable incidents. It also reflects a safer operation to legal governing bodies, staff and customers. It has allowed us to implement a VIP and frequent use program with our customers. The system also provides us with valuable demographic and geographic stats about our customers; thereby, allowing us to better focus our marketing dollars. The text feature is an amazing tool to know up to the minute stats helping us and our staff to better manage capacity. I would definitely recommend the system to anyone!”

Sergio Maione


Owner of Empire Ballroom, Whiskey Jacks

“Servall Biometrics and their ID scanning software is the best on the market and, in my opinion, has greatly reduced the amount of incidents for us and everyone that is currently using it, as it makes each individual patron accountable for their actions. So, if a person does get flagged for causing an issue somewhere then all companies on the system are made aware and it warns management and door staff of problem patrons before they enter.”

Joe Gregory

Aurora Nightclub

Owner of The Aurora Nightclub and The HooDoo Lounge

“We are currently using the Servall product at both The Aurora Nightclub and at HooDoo Lounge in Banff, Alberta. Prior to using Servall, we were using an ID scanning system from British Columbia for the past few years. As our old system was not able to accept a lot of the ID types we encounter on a nightly basis, we were happy to find that there was a better solution in the market. We switched to Servall and believe they have the most advanced ID scanning system in the market. Banff is a tourist destination that gets a lot of interational IDs and the Servall ID scanning system has been able to scan the multiude of IDs that we encounter accurately and efficiently. It also supplies valuable information on my clubs’ real-time demographics, offers real-time text message notifications, guest list and VIP loyalty systems.

We have always received impeccable support from Servall Biometrics, and they have always been available to quickly answer any questions we’ve had regarding the system. I highly recommend Servall Biometrics to anyone looking for an ID scanner, guest management system or VIP loyalty program.”

Bruce Wahl


Security Manager at Granville Entertainment

“As the security manager for Granville Entertainment in Vancouver BC, I am responsible for the security of three nightclub style venues of the Granville Entertainment District of Vancouver. Our company is a charter member of an organization known as Bar Watch. Bar Watch has set the standard in North America for nightclub security. As a member through our company, I researched patron identification systems and ban and alert systems. We had a previous system but, it had fallen behind recent technology in the use of false identification. We presently use four units in our venues and have found them to be user friendly and accurate in detecting false identification documents from around the world. The system is efficient and has very few maintenance issues.”

Jeff Steiert


Manager at Ralph’s Texas Bar and Steakhouse

“As a client of the Servall Biometrics, I can confidently say the security of my establishment has been improved. The positive outcomes of the scanners include mainly the detection of minors, the control of unruly customers as well as promotional rewards to our returning customers. There has been numerous times when someone scans their licence for the evening then gets a stamp/wristband and hands off their ID to a sibling or friend of similar appearance, who is underage. When the underager rescans it compares the photos taken by the scanner from both people. This is an easy way to bust minors that our security team has had troubles with in the past.

An awesome feature is that it allows us to identity poor behaved individuals throughout the night who have fought, damaged property, or even walked out on a tab. We simply match their appearance to the photo taken, and from this step it is easy to decide whether we call the cops, ban them, or add a warning for the next time they visit the bar. My last point I would like to share is a rewards program our management team decided to create. The scanners show how many visits each customer is in within a 3-month time frame, and after every 20 visits we will offer a free drink, appetizer or some other sort of promotional reward for our regular customers.

All in all, the scanners provide an advanced type of security that can reach above and beyond what a regular set of eyes can see from a drivers license or passport.”

Nadr Mavi


Owner of Monroe San Francisco

“Broadway street in San Francisco has recently had an increase in violent incidents. Monroe on Broadway is taking a leadership role in an attempt to reduce the number of incidents on Broadway. As part of this strategy, we have looked at various ID scanning providers. We have used the ID scanner from Servall and have found it to be the most advanced and effective product in the market. We have also used Servall’s guest list/promoter tracking product at special events which has been an invaluable tool for keeping track of our promotions and guests. Within the next month, 10+ establishments on Broadway street will use the Servall ID scanning security product exclusively as part of our strategy to curb violence in this geographical area. We are confident that the Servall ID Scanning security product will be an instrumental tool in our violence reduction strategy.”

Darryl Kostash


Director of Operations, Hudsons Canadian Hospitality

“A few years ago, we purchased one scanner for Hudson’s Canadian Tap House at our busiest location in Downtown Edmonton. We now run it at 8 of our venues across Western Canada and it has become an essential part of our security and marketing strategy. With Servall’s PatronScan, we’re able to see use the automated daily/ weekly/monthly reports they send out to analyze data and the demographics of our patrons. This has helped us to expand our brand and become the most successful pub destination in Canada.”

Ryan Wise


General Manager, Murmur Nightclub

I have worked in the service industry for over 18 years, and one of the toughest issues we faced every day is the issue of safety. Working for FMentertainment as in a security role and now a GM role, the concern for safety is still what weighs heavily on my mind. Many things have been attempted over the years to tighten security and alleviate this concern. None had done the job I had hoped for. Several years ago at the Nightclub and Bar convention, I was introduced to Servall Biometrics. Since then, FME has implemented Servall’s ID scanners into all of our venues: Risqué Rouge, Boudoir Rouge, Murmur Nightclub and Cat House in Calgary. Having access to the banned patron network eliminates issues before they can even begin. We are notified immediately if the patrons are problematic and can deny them access to all of our venues. Servall makes communication between all of our clubs possible. The VIP and guestlists are awesome and make scanning our patrons an easy process and lets us get the customers into our venue quickly with fewer lineups and wait times. In short, we were looking for a solution to one problem and found, in turn, a multipurpose system to take us to the next level of safety and guest service for my staff, guests and management team.”