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PatronScan is the UK's best ID scanner.

Choose your identity

“PatronScan has been a great asset to our business. It has certainly mitigated security and liability risks… I would definitely recommend the system to anyone!”

Jesse James Member of Alberta Safer Bars Council and owner of Union Hall Nightclub April 30, 2015

The UK’s Fake ID Scanner

Get the UK’s best fake ID scanner to detect fake IDs and keep minors out.

You need to get the best fake ID scanner available in the UK if you want to keep minors from breaching your security with fake and novelty IDs.

The UK’s Best ID Scanner

Do you really need the UK’s best ID scanner for bars, nightclubs, and pubs?

Check out this video to see why PatronScan is the UK’s best fake ID scanner, and why you should get it for your bar or nightclub.

Keep Troublemakers Out

Troublemakers can harm your staff, other patrons, and your establishment. PatronScan, the UK’s best ID scanner for bars, will alert you if a patron tries to enter your establishment who has been flagged from another venue.

You can see why they have been flagged, so you can make a good decision to either allow or deny entry.

Avoid Trouble with the Police

Sexual assault, fights, drugs, and gang activity can attract the police to your establishment for the wrong reasons.

Many police in the UK recommend that licensed venues use an ID scanner, like PatronScan, to prevent violence and reduce crime in bars and clubs.

Stunning Reports

The UK’s best ID scanner collects important information about your patron’s behavior and demographics, delivering these reports to your email inbox daily.

Up to the minute stats are sent directly to your mobile every 30 minutes. You will know exactly how many patrons are in your venue, the gender distribution and the average age.


Improve Venue Performance

Do you have important indicators that affect your venue’s profitability?

Bar & club owners throughout the UK use the best ID scanner to collect important information about your venue’s performance, so they can make good decisions.

The PatronScan ID scanner for bars and nightclubs delivers venue stats daily, so improvements happen fast.


Fill Your Club Faster

Use the lightning fast fake ID Scanner to check age, detect fake IDs, and spot troublemakers in less than three seconds.

The best bars and clubs in the UK use the best ID scanner in the UK to get patrons in to the club quicker.


Run at 100% All Night Long

Patrons waiting in line while you are below 100% capacity is costing you the opportunity to increase profits.

Use the UK’s best ID scanner for bars and nightclubs to run at exactly 100% all night long.

Grow your revenues and maximize your profits using the most sophisticated ID scanner app in the UK.


Sophisticated Venues use Sophisticated Technology

Using the best ID scanner in the UK at your establishment is a symbol to your patrons that you run a sophisticated establishment.

Give your patrons the best ID scanning experience by using the best ID scanner available in the UK at your front door.